About Professional Backflow Solutions

At Professional Backflow Solutions LLC, we have been testing, servicing backflow assemblies for residential, commercial and industrial areas. We take pride in a number of principles that define our company. These principles set us apart in the business world and allow us continued success.

Serving our local community in West Chester, PA, we provide the following services:
⦿ Backflow Testing, Installation and Repair
⦿ Maintenance and repair of backflow preventer assemblies
⦿ And Many More!

For most Americans, water isn’t something that gets a second thought. You turn the knob, and water flows. However, just because it isn’t murky and you don’t see bacteria, it doesn’t mean your water is safe. Contaminated water and waterborne diseases remain threats to public health. In addition, with more than 2 million Americans who live without access to safe drinking water and lack adequate water treatment, including sanitation, it is incumbent upon us to help. We bring a strong sense of commitment. We have been committed to environmental awareness and protection for many years.

100% Veteran Owned
ASSE Certified

What We Do

We Provide The Following Services

Professional Backflow Solutions, LLC can ensure proper functioning and drinkable water protection. We are fully capable of testing any backflow preventer assembly used for any application including:

⦿ Irrigation Systems
⦿ Main Water Supplies
⦿ Fire Systems

Backflow Testing, Installation and Repair, And Much More!

Professional Backflow Solutions
Professional Backflow Solutions
Professional Backflow Solutions
Professional Backflow Solutions

Certifications and Licenses

✔ Pressure Vacuum Breakers (PVB)
✔ Double Check Valve Assemblies (DCVA)
✔ Reduced Pressure Zone Assemblies (RPZ)


Professional Backflow Solutions, LLC is capable of acquiring all required permits and fees associated with making sure that the consumer receives the best possible service. We pride ourselves on being cost-efficient, flexible in communication, and in providing speedy service. We are fully insured.

Pennsylvania Backflow Testing, Repair, and Maintenance

Contact Professional Backflow Solutions, LLC for your “action required” backflow testing, repair, and maintenance and don’t forget to mention our site to get 10% off of your service call. We are licensed, and insured.


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“Action is required by the Customer to protect the water supply and comply with your Water Company and Backflow Prevention program implementation pursuant to: …”

Professional Backflow Solutions LLC can assist you with compliance with the PA Safe Drinking Water Act.  We are certified for backflow testing, repair, and installation services and can assist you with all services necessary to protect your water supply.